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Rua Dr. Cardoso de Abreu, 420
Centro - Santa Rita de Jacutinga - MG


In 1992, in the interior of Minas Gerais, Minas Forno was born. Since then, we have accumulated expertise to build custom and efficient furnaces throughout the national territory.

Our headquarters continues in Minas Gerais, conserving our secret to produce the best results, a lot of technique and total involvement with each project.

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55 32 3291-1102

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55 21 98174-4815


Rua Dr. Cardoso de Abreu, 420
Centro - Santa Rita de Jacutinga - MG

Brazil - 36135-000

Our Mission

Provide products and services with agility and competence, through our qualified team that thinks with all affection in its enterprise, contributing to the sustainable development and the construction of lasting relationships, with respect, transparency, quality and commitment.
We will make of our project our great Mission.
Bet on Minas Oven, bet on quality, bet on your success!

Our Vision

Being recognized as the best and most efficient company in the country's wood-fired industry, we have invested in research and techniques to develop and build high-quality furnaces with sustainability practices.
A sustainable enterprise must be ecologically sound, economically viable, socially just and culturally accepted.
We are keeping an eye on the future to serve you.

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